I was born in Zeulenroda/Germany on the 6th of June in 1977. I finished school (with the german "Abitur") and became a carpenter. Then I decided to study computer engineering. The first camera I used was the Pentacon Praktica PLC2 (made in 1975) of my father. I used it with a tripod and negativ film to take photographs of the comet Hale Bopp back in 1995. When i was 28, I seriously began to learn about taking pictures. I bought my first digital SLR camera, that was a Canon EOS 350 D with a 18-55mm Kit lens and a 55-200mm telephoto lens. The quality of the pictures was amazing, compared to my old point and shoot Sony camera (which was not bad at all in it's time).



With a great passion, I read a lot about technical things, lightening, composing, etc. and within hours and hours behind the camera I learned to use it. The very first experiences I got during photoshootings with friends and relatives of mine.

During that time I recognized, that I use my skills mostly for available light, concert and landscape/nature photography. A lot of the time behind a camera, I invest to take pictures of one of these topics. Often, I am invited as a photographer to join local events and visit activities of several communities of my hometown.