Printed picture in the calendar with the title "With the camera through Thuringia 2010" (Rhinoverlag, ISBN 978-3-939399-67-4)

Exhibition of a picture as one of 27 winning pictures of the photographic contest "My Thuringian city - quite different" in the Anger 1 shopping mall Erfurt (08.10. to 24.10.2009, hosted by Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, takt-Magazin, Foto-Thun und Anger1 Erfurt), printed picture in the calendar with the same name

Advertising pictures and concert photography for the bands "Querbeat", "Zeitlos", "Casa", etc.



Regular invitation to take pictures of the annual premiere of the theater and music group "TenSing" Zeulenroda-Triebes

Printed pictures in the annual calendar "Triebeser Ansichten" (views of Triebes)

Published pictures on different websites of a lot of different local clubs and newspapers ("Allgemeiner Anzeiger", "Ostthüringer Zeitung", "Triebeser Zeitung")