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If you want to contact me, here you can find all of the necessary information. Every picture that is shown on this web site is my own creation. If you are interested in them, you want to criticise my work or for any other reason I would be glad to hear from you.

If you'd prefer to write me an E-Mail, please be patient and give me some time to answer. Photography is a hobby of mine and my job, my family and other commitments often didn't give me the time I wanted to have.

Sometimes it happens, that I will be pleased for my photographic services. If you would like to make a draft on my time, I will be ready to talk about your special wishes and, within the framework of my possibilities, will be available for your ideas.

Address: Christian Großmann
Bebelstraße 24
07950 Zeulenroda-Triebes
Cell phone:
+049 (0) 36622 / 83 652
+049 (0) 151 / 21 24 03 29
E-Mail: mail(at)
Websites: (camera collection)