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  • SommerfeldNiederböhmersdorf
  • Pöllwitzer Moor
  • Hummel
  • Hochalpen
  • Christin
  • Rote Rosen
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Tontrennung.de shows moments of my life. Every picture saves a catched part of it, that I recorded for me and my fellows. But what is the use of pictures that could not be seen by anybody? For this reason I created this webpage. The images show my personal selection of times and places that I went through in my life. To me, they turn moments into memories. Even if the viewer didn't join these special moments, the pictures will help createing their own memories and maybe, while viewed precisely, a world of ones own fantasy. This is the second and even more important thought to publish this website.   My photographic motivation is the collection of pictures, that represent a profile of my interests and my life. I made it my primary task to document the constant changes of my home town. I'd like to show their inhabitants the beauty of it, that sometimes grantedly could only be seen at a second glance. I really didn't assert a claim to be an artist. Nevertheless, By the time, I hope that my conceptional thoughts will bear fruits and I will be able to offer the visitors of these pages something I can call my own. So I would be glad, if you enjoy viewing my pictures the same way as I enjoyed creating them.